The 2017 Pwnie Nominee For Most Over-Hyped Bug

Wannacry kill switch (CVE-2017-0144)

Credit: MalwareTechBlog

This wasn’t about an overhyped bug but rather overhyped coverage for the “accidental hero” and “savior” who “saved the world”. This researcher had his 10 minutes of fame and then some for following standard practice during his day job. On top of all the press, he got $10k from Hacker One and a years worth of free pizza. Alas, it wasn’t all happy, as the BBC eventually published details of who he was and where he lived as well as other dirt on his life.

Had MalwareTechBlog not registered the domain, one of the other 100 of AV or Threat Intel companies would have done so and yes we’re jealous because he’s more famous than any of the Pwnie judges.

Wannacry kill switch (CVE-2017-0144)