The 2017 Pwnie Winner For Epic 0wnage

Shadow Brokers dumps

Credit: Russia. Straight up: Russia…

Right before the NSA could launch an attack against Russia as payback for actions that had been identified during the presidential election (and probably payback for some other things we aren’t allowed to know), they get iced. Kapow! Out of the blue comes a “hacking group” claiming to have the Fort’s full kit!

What would you do? Either the Shadow Brokers are bluffing (and they dumped just enough of the kit that they may not be), or you are walking into a trap because someone out there has part of your playbook!

Part of this nomination goes to Shadow Brokers for having the kit in the first place, the other part of this nomination goes to the delivery, timing, and false flag auction.

Welcome to behind the green door and a glimpse at the great game everyone!

Bonus points for subsequent ransomware worms lifting parts of the released kit.