The 2010 Pwnie Nominee For Best Song

Frame by Frame

Cryptonomicon (Simple Nomad)

This is an attempt to write a hacker metal song whose lyrics won’t offend metal heads or hackers. Cryptonomicon is a studio-only “band” project by Simple Nomad, and this is (so far) the only hacker song, the others are your regular fucked up angst outings.

trolling through the ether, crawling down the wires
dredging through the sludge and the muck and the mire
flipping all the switches, watching for the shock
fingers on the keys and i’m ready to rock
frame by frame
i’m bringing up the slack
i’m tearing up the stack
i’m planning my attack
frame by frame
it’s a godless birth
time to lock and load
and scorch the fucking earth

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