The 2017 Pwnie Winner For Lifetime Achievement Award

Felix “FX” Lindner

Describe …

FX has been around forever, in the most positive sense of the phrase.

He is the epitome of ‘applied’ security research. Where the work he has shared as an individual, with Phoenolit, and at his co mpany Recurity,. all share the characteristics of being tremendously applicable in the real world.

FX is an expert reverse engineer, a security architect, and a prolific vulnerability researcher across a range of technical ar eas ranging from datalink and network layer exploitation all the way to presentation and application (Blitzablieter anyone?).

Similar to another famous hacker group, FX reached out to government in his country and where the government was doing things in the best interest of it’s citizens (including hackers), FX helped to educate them so they could make more informed decision s that would have greater benefit for all.

Felix is always willing to share his knowledge, mentor others, and support and contribute to the evolution of ‘the security re searcher’.

Last year, Felix suffered an aneurysm and is continuing his trek towards recovery. The security field owes a lot to you FX. We miss you. Get better soon!

PS – he even has a CISSP, and yet here we are still considering him for this award. That tells you how awesome FX really is !