Pwnie Awards 2017

The 2016 Pwnie Award For Best Branding

Mousejack wireless keystroke injection bug

Marc Newlin, Bastile's Threat Reseach Team

This team didn’t stop at the named vulnerability or the prostyle logo, they produced a 3 minute video outlining the threat of this issue. The video looks impressive including slow motion hacker walking and on screen typing. The voice over, pimping the Bastille team, is not as impressive. Basically, if you can get close to a target that is using a non-bluetooth wireless keyboard or mouse, and not have the victim look at their screen, you’re golden. The movie highlights a victim on the phone but unaware of his computer screen while another victim leaves for coffee. Oscar award winning performances all around. This came in with a CVSS score of 2.9 which is about the same as not using a password manager.