Pwnie Awards 2017

2020 Nomination for Lamest Vendor Response

Trend Micro

Security software shipping insecure code and dirty hacks is nothing new, but Trend Micro’s RootkitBuster was so bad, that Microsoft wouldn’t certify it for Windows machines. Instead of fixing their code, Trend Micro decided to cheat on the certification test. While playing the WHQL process could be an admirable feat, Trend couldn’t get this right either, and got caught by a smart 18-old, Bill Demirkapi. Despite clear evidence of cheating, Trend Micro had the audacity to deny any wrongdoing, and blamed Demirkapi for “looking for attention over resolution”, aka. not shutting up about the problem until it’s covered up. For this, Trend Micro has already been honored with the Volkswagen of Tech title by journalists, and a driver ban from Microsoft - will they also receive a Pwnie this year?

How to use Trend Micro Rootkit Remover to Install a Rootkit